Appendix 1

Modular Training programme in Paedtric Haematology/Oncology

Module Minimum Duration in Proportion to the 3 year Training Period
Scientific basis Delivered throughout the 3 years
Generic practical training Delivered throughout the 3 years
Laboratory haematology 3 months
Clinical non-malignant paediatric haematology (including haemostasis/thrombosis) 3 months
Leukaemia 3 months
Bone marrow/stem cell 3 months
CNS tumours 3 months
Other solid tumours 3 month
Flexible for longer training in the above modules, other training in the specialty or research 18 months
TOTAL 3 years of which at least 2 years must be spent in clinical training

Footnote for Appendix 1

The period shown for each module indicates the minimum proportion of the 3 year training programme that every trainee must spend in each. The flexible period of 18 months will be spent preparing the trainee for his/her anticipated future career. For example, trainees expecting to work mainly caring for children with malignant disease would spend most of this time caring for children with leukaemia, CNS and solid tumours, whereas those planning to work mainly in non-malignant haematology would spend the majority of the time increasing their experience in clinical and laboratory haematology ± leukaemia and bone marrow/stem cell transplant.