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Requirements & instructions

Membership of the NOPHO society is open only to physicians or researchers
in the Nordic countries, who are working in clinical care or research work
substantially relating to paediatric haematology/oncology in the Nordic countries.

Applications are to be made in writing to the NOPHO Secretariat (use the
Apply Form at and must include approved recommendations
from 2 members of NOPHO
(reference persons).
Reference persons must have had a NOPHO-membership for at least 1 year.

Fill in Application Form and click Submit.

A copy of the application will be emailed to the NOPHO secretariat, NOPHO
webmaster, applicant and to the 2 reference persons.
When the 2 reference persons and the NOPHO Secretariat confirm the application, the membership will be processed.

If the approval of your Membership drags on, please check with your reference persons if they have sent acceptance to NOPHO Secretariat.

Application Form

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