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Do you want to join the NOPHO organization as a member ? - Please take a few minutes to read how we handle members personal data

On May 25, 2018 the EU (GDPR) General Data Protection Regulation will be applicable. In short, the data protection law regulate how companies, schools and organizations can collect, maintain and manage data about you - with your approval.

In addition, the new regulations mean that anyone can request to get information from a specific organization of what personal data has been stored. The information includes, for example, names, pictures, e-mail addresses, films, location data and so on. For your information the NOPHO organization maintain a database and register of personal data of our members. The personal data is the information you register yourself in the Apply for Membership Form. We also handle Member-fee data and information of member retirements. As a NOPHO member you can always look it up at the NOPHO website in the closed NOPHO member area, Personal Info. We do not give out personal data to third parties. However, we do have minutes from meetings and presentations and a lot of photos from the yearly NOPHO meetings. Therefore, you have to be aware that we keep that information on the NOPHO website. If you don’t want your personal data in the NOPHO member database you cannot be a NOPHO member. If you accept the way the NOPHO Organization handle members personal data, you are welcome to fill in the APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP Form. By submitting the form you agree to NOPHO:s terms and conditions. We wish you Welcome!

Sincerely yours, Mervi Taskinen Birgitte Klug-Albertsen Secretary General Secretary General Elect

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